Let GCC-3.1x mature and use 3.0.4?

Jostein Christoffer Andersen jostein at josander.net
Wed May 22 02:17:51 PDT 2002


I just wonder if it's better to stick with GCC-3.0.4 and let GCC-3.1x and 
let all the packages use some time to adapt to the GCC-3.1x series

GCC-3.0.4 seems to work and KDE and other C++ programs seems to start and 
run much quicker.

I have noticed that a very big patch for ncurses-5.2 are in use for lfs 
(480,6 KB b2zipped!) when compiling with GCC-3x. You might want to use mine 
wich size is 433 bytes b2zipped and consists of just 38 lines (tested on 
GCC-3.0.4) and should work when compiling with GCC-2.95.3 and up.
You can download the patch from here:
Patch ncurses from the ncurses source directory with:
  patch -Np0 -i ncurses-5.2.patch

What do you think?


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