Ada: yes or no?

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Thu May 23 02:37:29 PDT 2002

I vote YES if thats the way ya'll want to do it
BUT..if anybody cares to look at something differnet.....

I've just finished reading the bulk of this thread, and it seems we are
arguing over something somewhat trivial from my point of view. I'm gonna
side with Ian on this one!  Why a hint or special note specifically for Ada?
Why not simply write a hint on ummm...looking for a description
here..ADVGCC.txt????  At anyrate I suggest a link to some hint that explains
in more detail how to build the additional compilers. Put the link in both
chapter 5 and chapter 6.  Stem it from there, in the hint include the link
for a static Ada as well as anthing else you might need there. Put this
(following) in the book with the gcc install instructions:  "Yes you need
ada or you don't, or you need java, fortran whatever.... go <here> for more
info before continuing as it may save a major headache later on. Please note
that build times are greatly increased (by as much as xxx% when
additonal...)"  Obviously we'd need to word that a little more, ummmm,
reader friendly, but definately leave in the part about the build times as
this will keep most of the curious users away from it if they really don't
need it.

My Thoughts,

D.J. Lucas

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