Ada, static chapter 5, and chapter 6

Chris Lingard chris at
Thu May 23 11:15:06 PDT 2002

Michael Brömer wrote:

> I do not build c++ in chapter 5, i do not think it is needed.
That is why you do not need the patch.  You are missing out the
c++ part of ncurses because you have no c++ compiler

Try to re-compile once you have built c++

> One other thing i have noticed is that the Ada part does not
> like to be compiled using MAKE="make -jN". That causes a
> considerable increase in installation time for gcc-3.1
> on dual-cpu machines.

I think this is mentioned at somewhere,
but I no not know why.

> Time taken to install gcc-3.1 (from extracting the sourcetree
> to deleting it after installation)
> So its about an extra hour for the complete install of the
> LFS system with gcc-3.1  (1h:10m vs. 2h:10m)
Your lucky, try it on a slow machine like mine. (3hours, over
7 hours)

> BTW: Do you use the ncurses patch with gcc-3.1?

See above.  No c++, no failure.

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