Just remarks

Peter Sentveld Peter.Sentveld at planet.nl
Sun May 26 08:32:40 PDT 2002


First of all i would like to thank all the people who made an effort
to the LFS book. Its clear, detailed and i learned a lot of it.

Till now i always worked with RedHat so i had some knowledge of Linux
but not as much as i would like.

My remarks:
- the times in the book are way off the times it takes when building
LFS on a P90/128MB. I spend a few nights waiting... Maybe its possible
to start the book that the times are from a P3/766?!
- After the first boot i ended up with 2 errors.
  1 involving swap partition. I never did a mkswap, i cant find it in
the LFS book (my eyes aren't what they used to be (not kidding)) and i
think its worth mention.
  2 couldn't start the ath0 device. I didn't compile it in the kernel
but (default) as a module. I think its worth a lttle paragraph that
you (for now) on your one when using modules.

I'm sure i'm not the only one with the problems above. I think its
gonna save LFS beginners a bit of frustration if it booting the first
time without errors.

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