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Simone Tuzzato apis at interfree.it
Sun May 26 12:44:03 PDT 2002

> Actually the times are the average of a few systems (533 mhz, 750 mhz, 1ghz
> and another one). They are going to be redone very soon: as soon as the
> current batch of waiting package upgrades are going into the book (most
> notably the gcc-3.1 upgrade) we'll redo all of the times and disk space
> requirement, and this time list what systems are used. People with
> different configurations can then submit their own times to be taken into
> account.

Ok ... call me stupid but what do you thing about using the bogomips
stated in the kernel startup ???

Suppose my Athlon 700Mzh get a 1.400 BogoMIPS
and the compilation of glibc take 20 minutes ...

Is so crazy to suppose we can safely multiply 1.400 * 20 and
get 28.000 BM as a measure of the computational power ?

So in Trudy pc that gain 2800 BogoMips glibc should take more
or less 28.000 BM / 2.800 => 10 minutes.

Ok ok ok ok
I know thath Bogomips are not really the processor power and
that their computation is based on processor kind, but in a short range this
should be true (for example PII + Celeron + K7 + P III)

Ok just a though.

When I'll have more time I'll made a test on my athlon and my
P54C at 200Mhz and see how they differ.

Ciao !

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