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Christophe Devine devine at chris.debian.org
Sun May 26 14:34:23 PDT 2002

Mark Hymers wrote:

> > Actually the times are the average of a few systems (533 mhz, 750 mhz, 1ghz
> > and another one). They are going to be redone very soon: as soon as the
> > current batch of waiting package upgrades are going into the book (most
> > notably the gcc-3.1 upgrade) we'll redo all of the times and disk space
> > requirement, and this time list what systems are used. People with
> > different configurations can then submit their own times to be taken into
> > account.

> Actually, I'm still interested in the concept of what used to be called
> "ed-times" but would now more logically be "static-bash-times".  I.e.
> instead of giving a specific time, make it a multiple of this.

How about compiling different build times gathered from various machines
(one with a Pentium 90, one with a P2-400, another with an Athon 1GHz,
etc...). Then it would look like this (I made up the figures) :

Installing GCC-3.1

Estimated build time on a  Pentium 90   :  5 hours and 45 minutes
Estimated build time on a  P2-400       :  48 minutes
Estimated build time on an Athlon 1GHz  :  27 minutes
Estimated required disk space           :  180 MB

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