ncurses patch for gcc-3.1

Marc Heerdink marc at
Mon May 27 04:39:52 PDT 2002

Op ma 27-05-2002, om 02:06 schreef Gerard Beekmans:
> I read some emails about people not needing a ncurses patch to get the
> Ncurses package to compile properly with GCC-3.1
> Are you guys doing anything special? I just tried it and ncurses fails as
> execpted like this:
> ../c++/ In member function `int NCursesWindow::scanw(const
> char*, 
>    ...)':
> ../c++/ no matching function for call to `std::strstreambuf::
>    vscan(const char*&, char*&)'
> ../c++/ In member function `int NCursesWindow::scanw(int, int,
> const 
>    char*, ...)':
> ../c++/ no matching function for call to `std::strstreambuf::
>    vscan(const char*&, char*&)'
> make[1]: *** [../obj_s/cursesw.o] Error 1
> Now, there are these patches that a bunch of people are using to upgrade
> ncurses to a more current development snapshot. That's not exactly what I
> want to do for the book - I want to keep ncurses as version 5.2 and only
> apply a patch that will fix this C++ problem, nothing more and nothing
> less.
> I remember a while ago somebody posting a patch for ncurses that'll make it
> compile with gcc-3.x without applying a development snapshot upgrade patch.
> I can't find it anymore so I'm hoping somebody else has it handy somewhere?
> I will keep looking for it, but it will take a while. I don't even know
> anymore if it was posted to this list or one of the other lists.

The smallest possible patch is attached. It's a normal diff -urN we
normally use.

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