why gcc-3.1?

Don Smith don_smith at att.net
Mon May 27 10:13:49 PDT 2002

Actually, the main reason for upgrading to gcc-3.x is that it follows
the latest C++ specification put out by Bjarne Stroustrup a couple of
(5!) years ago, The C++ Programming Language, Third Edition:


Most users don't really care as most packages are still written in C.
But professional C++ programmers need this version as it adds a lot of
new and very useful features. It is these new features, especially
namespaces, that causes most of the problems and only in those packages
written in C++ (I am not totally sure about the veracity of the last
phrase, anyone?).

If you would like to keep gcc 2.95.3 then use the latest version of the
LFS book that has it and just upgrade the versions of all the other
packages to their latest versions. Don't try to use the latest LFS and
back down to GCC 2.95.3. The patches will bite you.

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