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Andreas Lübke Andreas.Luebke at web.de
Mon May 27 13:03:43 PDT 2002

Davy Brion wrote:
 > On Monday 27 May 2002 00:15, Ian Molton wrote:
 >>I vote no.
 >>basically, even two 1GHz systems can have markedly different
 >>compile times (compiling is quite IO and RAM dependant.
 >>I think one system is enough of a guuide.
 > why not just leave it out alltogether?
 > the odds of those numbers actually being close to being right for ur
 > system are small and besides, is it really _that_ important that the
 > user knows how long it might compile on his system only to find out
 > later that it may have taken twice as long, or even more, or a lot
 > less, or ....

I'm using an 450MHz AMD K6-III with 192MB RAM and found the compilation 
given in LFS-Book 3.2 very close to mine.
Actually, compiling is not really a matter of processor power! Anybody
care to have top running during a build? My machine was close to idle
for quite some time. Disk I/O and memory size play a much greater role!


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