SBU will probably not work with low memory (was Re: Collecting SBUs now)

Fabio Fracassi turiya at
Tue May 28 03:04:26 PDT 2002

Hi, just a short note on the SBU.

A machine with low memory (=<64MB) will probably have much greater variance in 
the SBU between small packages and big ones, for example on a otherwise 
similar machine bash may take (purely making up numbers) 1 min and glibc 
takes 30 on the one with much memory, but takes 2 hours on the one with low 

The reason should be obvious, the bash compile needs less (physical) memory, 
so it will always fit, but glibc has to be swapped out.

Might be that I'm totaly wrong.

This althogh should not be an argument against SBU's, just a point to keep in 
mind when doing the averages.


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