netkit /etc/services vs port-assignments from IANA

James Iwanek chthon at
Tue May 28 02:26:26 PDT 2002

if we upgraded to ip utils & used the iana version it might help a bit -
after all netkit is a bit out of date....
that would mean ofcourse that we would HAVE to use xinetd primarily

"Scot Mc Pherson" <behomet at> wrote in message
news:acv20g$7jg$1 at
> I wanted to know what everyone thought about replacing the netkit's
> of /etc/services with the current one at IANA.  There is a HUGE
> between them, and its a fairly important db of port assignments.  I have
> already done so on all my systems, but was wondering if it shouldn't at
> least be mentioned in the book if not included as an instruction.
> Scot Mc Pherson

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