shadow: Enabling MD5 passwords by default

Dieter Schmitz dieter.schmitz at
Tue May 28 14:28:30 PDT 2002

Hello List,

I noticed that the shadow Package disable MD5-based Passwords by default. MD5
Passwords are much securer and I don't see any disadvantage to enable
it by default. To enable MD5 Passwords you should replace this command in the
shadow package

sed 's%/var/spool/mail%/var/mail%' \
    etc/login.defs.linux > /etc/login.defs &&

by this

sed 's%/var/spool/mail%/var/mail%
     s%^#MD5_CRYPT_ENAB.*no%MD5_CRYPT_ENAB yes%' login.defs.linux \
   > /etc/login.defs &&

Maybe you can enable it by default.

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