why gcc-3.1?

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Tue May 28 18:12:28 PDT 2002

Don Smith wrote:
> Actually, the main reason for upgrading to gcc-3.x is that it follows
> the latest C++ specification put out by Bjarne Stroustrup a couple of
> (5!) years ago, The C++ Programming Language, Third Edition:
> http://www.awprofessional.com/catalog/product.asp?product_id={50BB3F0F-83B9-4632-AA2B-F237EFB90991}
> Most users don't really care as most packages are still written in C.
> But professional C++ programmers need this version as it adds a lot of
> new and very useful features. It is these new features, especially
> namespaces, that causes most of the problems and only in those packages
> written in C++ (I am not totally sure about the veracity of the last
> phrase, anyone?).

True.  I had wondered why I could use cout in c++ without using 
std::cout or specifying a namespace.

   -- Bruce

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