Collecting SBUs now

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue May 28 18:37:13 PDT 2002

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Is anyone else having problems redirecting the output from time (the bash
> keyword - not the GNU time package)?  I want to have all output go to a file
> and also to the screen so I tried:
> time {
> ./configure --enable-static-link --prefix=$LFS/static \
> --with-curses &&
> make &&
> make install
> } 2>&1 | tee bash-2.05a.log
> This gets everything from the commands executed within the braces, but the
> output from time itself is only given on screen.

man time says:

  -o FILE, --output=FILE
               Do not send the results to stderr, but overwrite the 
specified file.

   -- Bruce

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