Collecting SBUs now

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed May 29 05:34:03 PDT 2002

Just realized something else.

There are most likely different compilers in chapter 5 and 6. While the
relative difference between installation times is valid in chapter 5 using
the same compiler, it doesn't really work in chapter 6. The difference in
SBUs will probably be quite large if chapter 5 was done on an old system
using a gcc-2.95.x and gcc-3.1 inside chroot.

I'll finish my SBUs tonight when I get back home from work and submit them.
Perhaps it's not all that bad. The difference may be only in the order of a
few seconds for most packages up to a few minutes for large packages (gcc,
glibc) so we'd get a SBU difference of about 1 to 2 for Glibc and GCC. That
I can live with, this was never meant as an exact science anyways.

Gerard Beekmans

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