shadow: Enabling MD5 passwords by default

Gintautas gmlists at
Thu May 30 08:47:00 PDT 2002


> i  think  it  would  be  a  good  idea to put the code to enable md5
> passwords  in  the  book much like we do with bzip decompression for
> tar  - that's not exactlly forcing it on users + most people are too

Though  this rarely happens :-) I'll back up Gerard here. IMHO, bzip2,
as  well  as  vim  (reminds  me  a  of a flame ;) and some others, are
exceptions  which  prove the rule. I can judge from my experience that
the   book  usually  covers  the  installation  and,  if  _necessary_,
_minimal_  configuration, and subtleties are left for the hints, which
are there exactly for that purpose.


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