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Michael Brömer mib at
Thu May 30 12:44:37 PDT 2002

Am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2002 20:09 schrieben Sie:
> On Thu, 30 May 2002 19:27:06 +0200
> Michael Brömer <mib at> wrote:
> > Chapter 5:           | sec | SBUs
> > ---------------------------------
> > bash-2.05a           : 105   1.00
> > binutils-2.12        : 114   1.09
> very interesting.
> do you have more extensive specs for your system?

The machine consists of:
Tyan S2460 Mainboard
Enermax 431W PSU (1 Pabst fan)
2 x ATHLON-XP-1600+ (1400MHz)
2 x 40GB Maxtor HD (5400RPM, not fast but quiet)
(hdparm -tT:
Timing buffer-cache reads:   128 MB in  0.70 seconds =182.86 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads:  64 MB in  2.26 seconds = 28.32 MB/sec)
2 x 512MB Infineon RAM (DDR, ECC, reg.)
2 x Silverado CPU-Coolers (1 pound each, but almost silent)
2 x 120mm Pabst case fans (attached to 7V)
EYE-915 BigTower (noise reduced)
3Com-905 LAN card
1 x Matrox G100 8MB
1 x 17" LCD (MIRO, cheap but OK)
1 x GForce 2MX 32MB
1 x 22" CRT NEC-FP1350 (blew it up using lm_sensors!)
1 x Hauppauge WinTV
1 x Soundblaster Live (emu10k1)
1 x 24x CD writer (LiteOn)
1 x DVD drive (LiteOn)

I got this machine now for about 8 month, and i am 
absolutely happy with it. Running 24/7 with a maximum
workload (2 SETI-clients in the background at nice 19)
I had to modify the case a bit to get some decent airflow.
One CPU once managed to turn its thermal paste into a 
bunch of ugly black pimples which resulted in some
instability. If one would intend to use faster CPUs it 
might be that one would have to resort to 
liquidcooling to keep the noise as low as it is now.

When i think about it, a quad-"Hammer" would be nice..."


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