Collecting SBUs now

jsmaby at jsmaby at
Thu May 30 13:50:42 PDT 2002

> *drools*
Well, so far that monster system has the longest maybe not
all that much to drool over.  Now if just people put as many alpha
optimisations in thier code as x86...

>> Lilo failed to build (bin86 built, but it seg faults).
> Considering lilo is x86 only, I wouldn't have even tried compiling it,
> and lilo is the only package that requires bin86, so for non-x86 things,
> it's quite safe to just totally ignore them.

I know, I was just being silly (I did make -k for bin86 and lilo; it
skipped over on of the bin86 programs that didn't compile, but lilo
hardly got going at all before giving up).  Maybe I should put in
my build time of milo (the alpha equivalent), but since that needs
a whole 2.2.x kernel tree, and who knows what else to build, it
might have skewed the results just a tad...
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