Collecting SBUs now

Yann Guidon whygee at
Thu May 30 19:25:24 PDT 2002


Bill Maltby LFS Related wrote:
> > if you MUST slow your fans down, rather than buy quiet fans, /please/ do
> > it properly and buy a voltage regulator (or, if your fan will work on
> > one, a chopper)
> BTW, since I'm not hardware, I was wondering. Why couldn't one just
> connect a proper size resistor in series with the fan to get 7/8/??
> volts to it? I realize this also reduces amperage. but I don't have
> enough knowledge to know if that is an issue or not.

I would rather recommend using a $1 regulator like a 7808, or 7805
(the 2 last numbers represent the voltage). There should enough
choice in any decently furnished electronics shop (i think that
Radio Schaks is quite expensive but you have the cabling schematics
on the package). There are just 3 wires to connect/solder, should
be easy.

btw i remember that i once bought a silent fan made in Switzerland.
it doesn't have a high speed but it is really quiet :-)
i haven't mounted it yet and for years though. Maybe it's time,
the fans are REALLY getting on my nerves !

> Bill Maltby
> billm at
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