netkit /etc/services vs port-assignments from IANA

Erika Pacholleck pacholleck at
Fri May 31 12:23:05 PDT 2002

[28.05.2002] Scot Mc Pherson <-- :
> I wanted to know what everyone thought about replacing the netkit's version
> of /etc/services with the current one at IANA.  There is a HUGE discrepency
> between them, and its a fairly important db of port assignments.  I have
> already done so on all my systems, but was wondering if it shouldn't at
> least be mentioned in the book if not included as an instruction.

I downloaded it and compared what it all lists - shocking ...
For now I see two things:
1. convert from dos file format
2. change to format which `man services` says

The second seems necessary to me because
downloaded: keyword port/proto description references
services  : service port/proto alias alias ... # description comment

For example 43/tcp whois <-> nicname seem to be aliases and here it
is not 100% sure which one goes into keyword/service (what is the
friendly name of a service?)

Additionally the way my new file looks now, it would interprete the
description words each as an alias (due to manpage case sensitive),
means then a PROTOCOL is alias x-times and this would cause confusion
I guess.

Do I see this correct?
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