netkit /etc/services vs port-assignments from IANA

Richard Clark rclark at
Fri May 31 19:34:26 PDT 2002

Yup, it should work without any extra work except doing what Scot did
(comment out the top/bottom), but the system would generate aliases out
of the confusion..

Now, whether something DOES anything with the aliases is another matter.

Besides, damn thing is wrong anyway - I want SWAT at 901 ! :)

I did a conversion by loading the whole thing into Excel (ducks) as a
fixed width format file.  I then had it make a new cell with a # + the
comments, cut the old comments field out.  I figured I probably didn't
need any aliases anyway.  Then I did a sort by the port name, killed all
the crap rows + rows that had no name.  Final step, I sorted by port,
and wrote the whole lot back out to a text file.

The only thing I couldn't get to work was to get Excel to write it out
to the text file with proper tabs, so it looked like crap.  At that
point I gave up, and went back to my current /etc/services (With SWAT,
and everything I needed anyway).

Maybe next time I will try OpenOffice :)


> Additionally the way my new file looks now, it would interprete the
> description words each as an alias (due to manpage case sensitive),
> means then a PROTOCOL is alias x-times and this would cause confusion
> I guess.
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