Space saver: mount --bind mention in the book?

Eddie Olsson ewt at
Tue Oct 1 04:36:11 PDT 2002

Hi Ian
Maybe a use case would help in understanding the problem with the mount --bind approach:
I regularly create new servers by putting a blank harddrive in the cradle of my workstation and building an LFS system on that harddrive. I then take that harddrive and put it in the system I'm building, mostly servers (which is irrellevant, but let's try and be a bit social here, too, eh? :) .
Now, if I were to use /usr/src on the workstation as the /usr/src on the LFS partition aswell by using mount --bind, I wouldn't have access to those files after I'd moved the harddrive. Granted, this may sometimes be a desirable behaviour under special circumstances, but for most cases, it would just make life harder.

Ian Molton <spyro at> uttered the following on Mon, 30 Sep 2002 22:29:04 +0100:

> Sorry, I cant agree.
> for example, if you use mount --bind to access the packages you want to
> compile, then you acttually are using LESS stuff copied from the host,
> as those packages stay on the host and are never copied to the new LFS.

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