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Tue Oct 1 09:23:12 PDT 2002

James Spinks wrote:

>Quoting Tushar Teredesai <tush at>:
>>The incidence of people stating "I am not subscribed to mailing list and
>>so please CC me" has *slowly* started appearing on the lists. IMO, not
>>subscribing to the mailing list is a pardonable offense, but not
>>subscribing to NGs is not:)
>While I suspect this is off-topic for this list I'll risk the group wrath and
I deliberated on that topic a lot before posting, but since I was 
suggesting merging two chapters in the book, I finally posted it here.

>>    * I would like to suggest merging both the mailing list and
>>      newsgroup sections in Chapter 1 into one single chapter to bring
>>      home the point that they are identical.
>Good idea aesthetically, but I doubt it will make any difference to your point.
> I suspect that the type of people who can't be bothered to subscribe to a
>mailing list while asking a question of it also can't be bothered to /really/
>read these parts of the book (see previous never-ending and hopefully dead
>threads on lazy people).
:) NC, don't want to start a discussion on that again.

>>    * Both the mailing list and the corresponding newsgroup can be
>>      referred to in the same way (e.g. at for
>>      the ML and for the NG; for convinience & historical
>>      reasons, lfs-dev can be aliased to
>Might this not get confusing for those of us that use both?

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