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Thu Oct 3 09:11:36 PDT 2002

Seth W. Klein wrote:

>Mark Hymers <markh at> wrote:
>>On Wed, 02, Oct, 2002 at 12:32:32AM -0500, Tushar Teredesai spoke thus..
>>>To remove redundancy, the references to the mailing lists should be 
>>>removed from the LFS & BLFS books and instead they should point to the 
>>>webpage that lists all the ML/NGs in detail?
>>Actually, that's probably the most sensible suggestion I've heard in a
>>while.  <snip>
>May i do this and clean up the wording as well and submit a patch
>this weekend?
Another suggestion:) It would be good to sort the lists into types (with 
the support being the most prominent one):

    * Support (lfs-support, blfs-support, alfs-discuss): Most users
      should subscribe. Don't expect replies via e-mail if you are not
      subscribed. Initial bug reports should be made here.
    * Development (lfs-dev, blfs-dev): Only for users interested in the
      testing & development of the book.
    * For Book Editors (lfs-book, blfs-book): For authors (and
      interested users) to track the book changes and bug reports.
    * Hint Authors (lfs-hints): For submitting hints only. No need for
      anyone to subscribe and definitely no posting unless you are
      submitting a hint. Discussion on blfs-support.
    * Misc (lfs-chat, lfs-test): Anything goes.

Maybe lfs-security can be eliminated since there is not much traffic 
there and the same things could be discussed on the support/dev groups.

Tushar Teredesai
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