glibc-2.3 is out

Tushar Teredesai tush at
Fri Oct 4 22:34:15 PDT 2002

Greg Schafer wrote:

>Another scenario, LFS instructs the user to compile and install glibc-2.3
>into /home/lfs/glibc-2.3 on the host. Oops, glibc-2.3 requires gcc-3.2. So
>instruct the user to compile and install gcc-3.2 into /home/lfs/gcc-3.2 so
>that glibc-2.3 can then be compiled and installed and linked against..
>Starting to get ridiculous..
Would the following work?

    * Modify the paths so that binaries in $LFS/static/bin & libraries
      in $LFS/static/lib are picked up first.
    * Compile static version of binutils-2.13 with --prefix=$LFS/static.
    * Compile static version of gcc-3.2 with --prefix=$LFS/static.
    * Compile static version of glibc-2.3 with --prefix=$LFS/static.
    * Compile the rest of the required packages. There would be the
      added advantage that we would be using binutils-2.13, gcc-3.2 and
      glibc-2.3 to compile rest of the packages.

This will probably eliminate the "*echo "cross-compiling = no" > 
configparms" in Ch 6 glibc.

Another option, if installing a static version of glibc-2.3 is not 
viable, is to use the version of gcc we install in $LFS/static to 
compile dynamic glibc-2.3 in ~lfs on the host and link the rest of the 
packages against it.

Tushar Teredesai
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