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Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Mon Oct 7 00:56:43 PDT 2002

* joerg.beyer at email.de <joerg.beyer at email.de> [2002-10-07 07:35]:
> Dear linux-from-scratch developers,
> I am new to lfs and I have only a small question: as far as I understand lfs, you 
> compile all/al lot of the packages for each installation of lfs. Do you use any 
> tool to distribute the compilation on more than one host? I am writing a tool
> (gecc.sf.net) to do generic distribution (and caching) of C/C++ compilation and a friend
> pointed me to lfs and asked me what you use to speep up compilation.
If you look in README.customs in the make source code you will find:

GNU make can utilize the Customs library, distributed with Pmake, to
provide builds distributed across multiple hosts.

> please excuse me, if this is off topic. 
It is the wrong list. People will be much happier about helping you on 
blfs-support at linuxfromscratch.org


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