[roland at redhat.com: Re: More info on static binary/libnss* mystery]

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Mon Oct 7 01:45:07 PDT 2002

And here is the patch as suggested by Roland McGrath.

MSB will probably hate it, but the way I see things, it seems
like the smoothest option for the LFS community as a whole.

Future LFS could say something like:-

"if your host distro has glibc-2.2.5 or older then you will need to
apply this patch to glibc-2.3"

We do stuff like that already for other packages so..

If it's good enuff for Redhat then it's good enuff for us! :)

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diff -uNr glibc-2.3.orig/ctype/ctype-info.c glibc-2.3/ctype/ctype-info.c
--- glibc-2.3.orig/ctype/ctype-info.c	2002-09-06 07:45:14.000000000 +1000
+++ glibc-2.3/ctype/ctype-info.c	2002-10-07 18:35:40.000000000 +1000
@@ -55,11 +55,4 @@
 const __uint32_t *__ctype32_tolower = b (__uint32_t, tolower, 128);
 const __uint32_t *__ctype32_toupper = b (__uint32_t, toupper, 128);
-compat_symbol (libc, __ctype_b, __ctype_b, GLIBC_2_0);
-compat_symbol (libc, __ctype_tolower, __ctype_tolower, GLIBC_2_0);
-compat_symbol (libc, __ctype_toupper, __ctype_toupper, GLIBC_2_0);
-compat_symbol (libc, __ctype32_b, __ctype32_b, GLIBC_2_0);
-compat_symbol (libc, __ctype32_tolower, __ctype32_tolower, GLIBC_2_2);
-compat_symbol (libc, __ctype32_toupper, __ctype32_toupper, GLIBC_2_2);

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