Adding some references

Csaba Henk ekho at
Mon Oct 7 15:12:17 PDT 2002

 Hallo LFS-dev!

 * There could be added a reference to package management tools at the
beginning of Ch. 5 or 6. I think the everyday LFS user first builds
his/her Linux system, following the instructions carefully, and when it is
ready & at hand, only then begins to think, how to go further on. At this
stage it would be nice to have a well-documented installation, and using
package management tools from the beginning would support this aim.

 * The kernel configuration has many-many options which may be hard to
navigate among them and maybe one does not know what special configuration
is necessary for certain applications, eg. CD-burning or firewalling.
Before compiling the kernel there could be some references to such issues, 
to some guide on configuring the kernel. 

Csaba Henk

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