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DJ Lucas dj_me at
Wed Oct 9 10:28:19 PDT 2002

"Vassili Dzuba" wrote in message

> Is there some good reason not to change K80network into
> for instance K45network  (or whatever, but before  K50sendsignals)
> Vassili Dzuba


This has been discussed before, briefly, off of the list.  It was decided
that the bootscripts should not be changed at that time for one small
error.  We do recomend in the BLFS book that the script be moved.
I do see some logic in moving the script in lfs-bootscripts, however
I think it's best left to the person building his/her own LFS for now.
Remembering that one of the primary goals of LFS is educational
value, this situation makes for a very good learning experience as
far as the init scripts are concerned.  Perhaps it should (not??) be
moved.  I'm interested to hear what others have to say however.

DJ Lucas

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