whoami: cannot find username for UID 0

da02043 da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk
Thu Oct 10 14:52:57 PDT 2002

On Thursday 10 October 2002 09:29 pm, you wrote:
> da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk (da02043) wrote in
> news:200210102024.10364.da02043 at mail.ikasths.dk:
> > I just finished ch 5 and continued with the installation of the
> > headers and glibc-2.3 without problems. I removed /lib/libnss_{files,
> > compat}.so.2 to avoid bash segfaults. Only problem is that some
> > programs (sysvinit and util-linux) wont 'make install' because
> > 'whoami' wont return the username. Does anybody have any suggestions?
> > How exactly does whoami find the username? I was thinking that maybe i
> > have a malformed /etc/passwd file but i can find nothing wrong with
> > it. Anyway, here it is:
> There's nothing wrong with your /etc/passwd file, but the libnss files
> are used by whoami. You could backup your whoami and replace it with a
> script that alays returns root. But if i'm wondering if you ain't get
> other problems with those libnss removed. If i were u i would read the
> threads about glibc 2.3 and bash again, and wait with using glibc 2.3
> until there's is a proper solution found for this problem.

Good idea with the script... The two files i deleted are symlinks that should 
be recreated by running ldconfig... i thought they were recreated, but they 
werent.. thats why whoami wouldnt work.... anyway i have created the script 
and that works like a charm :-)

John Nielsen
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