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> > I didn't found this recommendation in the BLFS book, while i found it
> > in your hint of course.
> >
> You are correct, I had forgotten about that.  It was decided to be left out
> due to the fact that if lfs-bootscripts were updated, the end user would
> have two copies of network running at K45 and K80.
> > As i'm currently working on a BLFS profile, i would prefer that such
> > problem did not appear after running the profile.
> >
> > Probably then the easiest way is to make the 'mv' in the BLFS profile.
> >
> > I was interested however to know if there are cases where the shutdown
> > of the network should happen after the sendsignals.
> None that I can think of specifically, in fact, it'd seem just the opposite.
> Most would want to gracefully shutdown all of the network daemons
> before the network (for log and cache files to be written), and before
> send signals forcefully kills them (where the cache file is not written
> in the case of dhcpcd).

So I would vote for moving the K80network to K45network as there seems to
be so far no real argument against it.
well, I understand that LSF if not necessarily a democracy ;-)

As for the argument that the naive LFSer will learn something by stumbling on the problem,
I think he/she will find enough occasions to learn something without that...

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> > Vassili Dzuba
> DJ Lucas

Vassili Dzuba
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