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> I havent gotten that far yet :-) I am concentrating on getting the basic and
> essential packages installed first. Stuff like networking and the likes have
> been put on hold until later.
> I am just trying to build ch6 packages to make it rebuild itself. That way i
> have a glibc-2.3 based LFS and then these hacks should not be needed. (
> right?? anyone?? ).

maybe true but i think one does not want to build parts of chapter6 twice.
(well, at least i dont want to as i am working on some scripts setting up the
lfs system in 2 stages(ch5 & ch6) ;-)

but maybe we could help each other. here is a list of packages that compiled for
me in chapter6, just using the mentioned alias hack, moving libnss stuff out of
the way and having build gettext, flex and bison (cvs gcc needs it - well, i did
not try this update/gcc_update stuff) in ch5:
(there may be more that compile smoothly - it is just that i stop and try to fix
one package if it breaks before going on)

as you can see i am right now dealing with procps. did you already succeed
building it? the `pasting "->" and "foo" does not give a valid preprocessing
token` errors which have just been warnings when building with glibc2.2.5 and
gcc3.2 non cvs cause the package to break now. my guess is, that this is due to
the new gcc version (. i already had to do some strange patches for man and
ncurses to build with new gcc properly. (maybe diffrences in the pre


(well ncurses is actually another problem, just added it to comlete my changes
from lfsbook)

so, thanks for any help, frank

ps: afaik glibc2.3.1 was released - so lets start over again ;)

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