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Fri Oct 11 08:12:16 PDT 2002

> maybe true but i think one does not want to build parts of chapter6 twice.
> (well, at least i dont want to as i am working on some scripts setting up
> the lfs system in 2 stages(ch5 & ch6) ;-)

Actueally i wanted to make a lfs boot cd to build from in the future. That way 
the problem would solve itself as long as you used the cd as the donor 
distro. Even further i dont know how relevant all of these hacks are for the 
book anyway because these builds can hardly be called clean builds. This is 
very messy stuff...

I am actueally starting to think the solution to the problem is in ch5. It is 
the static binaries that are causing all of the problems.. If they could be 
beaten into submission, ch6 should build cleanly and unmodified. For a 
suggestion you should see another post i just made: "Possible solution to 
glibc problem (again)" If we can link the libnss_* files static instead of 
dynamic as we do now in ch5, the /static/ binaries will no longer need 
/lib/nss_* libs and they still have access to the nss stuff they need. Your 
thoughts Frank?

> but maybe we could help each other. here is a list of packages that
> compiled for me in chapter6, just using the mentioned alias hack, moving
> libnss stuff out of the way and having build gettext, flex and bison (cvs
> gcc needs it - well, i did not try this update/gcc_update stuff) in ch5:
> http://www.hackdaworld.dyndns.org/download/hdw-linux/hdw-linux-0.2-dev/logs
>/ (there may be more that compile smoothly - it is just that i stop and try
> to fix one package if it breaks before going on)

These are the problems i have build without modification: includes, glibc, 
ncurses, bash, zlib, coreutils, binutils, diffutils, texinfo, bison, m4, 
perl, autoconf, automake, grep, make, sed, gawk, findutils, patch

Packages that i either cant build or require a severe beating before they will 
build are:
sysvinit, util-linux, grub, man, procps and gcc-cvs(grr).

> man and ncurses to build with new gcc properly. (maybe
> diffrences in the pre processor?))

Strange... ncurses build without any problem for me... I just used the 
standart patch included in the book.

> ps: afaik glibc2.3.1 was released - so lets start over again ;)

Yep... my script is allready installing from scratch again with the new 

Ill keep you posted

John Nielsen

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