"where possible" ?

IvanK. chepati at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 11 13:21:07 PDT 2002

Does LFS build on other than x86 platforms? Yes.  Do some (even if few) people 
do it? Yes.  Do we want these people asking the same question on the lists 
time after time?  No.  Is the platforms section the appropriate place to 
mention that LFS could be built on other platforms?  It's my strictly humble 
and personal opinion that yes, this is the best place.

Remember, the book never deals with building LFS on anything other than x86 
later, nor does it provide information about different bootloaders.  And 
that's how it should be.

But the platforms section is needed if only to link to hints on building LFS 
for alpha/mips/ppc/sparc, what have you.  This way non-x86 people will know 
early on where to obtain the necessary information, and x86 people will 
proceed without being encumbered with irrelevant instructions.

Therefore I move to support leaving the platforms section unchanged.  Perhaps 
we can change the wording a bit.  Something like:
"As information on building LFS for other platforms becomes available, links 
to hints will be included on this page."


On Friday 11 October 2002 03:46 pm, Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> The section "Which Platform?" says
> "We attempt to include information where possible on differences for other
> platforms such as PPC."
> IIRC it was recently discussed that the book will not include PPC and
> other platform patches and will not mention things such as different boot
> loaders that need to be used etc. These things are not in the book because
> there are too few users of these platforms to justify the increased
> complexity and maintenance burden, but it would certainly be possible to
> include this information in the book. I don't think that in light of this
> the above sentence is honest. It should be removed and the users of these
> platforms should instead be encouraged to ask on the mailing lists (the
> current wording "feel free to... Even better..." sounds a bit reluctant.)

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