grub and alpha tar

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Sat Oct 12 15:25:37 PDT 2002

Paul Roberts <dagmar at> wrote:
> I finally got done dorking around with Grub this week, and here's my take
> on the situation...
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> ...and yes, great, you can pick your own kernel at boot time without
> having to add a menu entry for it.  How many people actually need (or
> would even _use_) that feature?  Most people would _not_ be using
> it--it's likely the vast majority would never need it.
> <snip>

The point is not that you can pick _and even look for_ any kernel
image at boot (although for those of us who actually use our boot
loaders this is seriously convienient if not a must have). The point
is that you don't loose your kernel image when you sneeze at it and
forget to rerun lilo. A boot loader (lilo) that relies on information
that only the filesystem layer should know to find kernel images
is _not_ robust. 

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