Vote: Grub vs LILO

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Sun Oct 13 03:56:44 PDT 2002

The Grub vs LILO issue seems to come up more frequently now. I'd like to
have a small vote to see if we have any clear majority on this issue.
Just follow up to this message with "LILO" or "GRUB" (in whatever
capitalization you prefer). If you want to present arguments for your
decision, DON'T do it in this thread. I don't think there are any
arguments that have not been archived already and even if there are, they
should be presented in a discussion (read: flame war;) thread (There's an
open one named "grub and alpha tar"). This thread is just to get a quick
impression of the number of supporters for the 2 programs.


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