Vote: Grub vs LILO

Andrew Friedley saai at
Sun Oct 13 06:49:05 PDT 2002

> The Grub vs LILO issue seems to come up more frequently now. I'd like to
> have a small vote to see if we have any clear majority on this issue.
> Just follow up to this message with "LILO" or "GRUB" <snip>

Who cares what the majority wants.  This topics been discussed enough as it
is and i dont appreciate this spam in my inbox.  If you want to see what a
majority of the people think then look through the archives.  Besides, the
people who actually can form a real argument is going to know enough about
LFS that they're going to use whichever one they want anyway.  So, put an
end to it, have gerard choose and be done with it.


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