Vote: Grub vs LILO

Andrew Friedley saai at
Sun Oct 13 07:52:44 PDT 2002

> I had never expected so many votes. The Grub vs LILO discussions never had
> that many participants (mostly the same people going back and forth). The
> discussions gave me the impression that the LILO and GRUB camps were about
> even. But as this vote shows, there seems to be a large number of Grub
> users who do not participate in the LILO vs GRUB discussions/wars. So my
> impression is that this vote is etremely valuable because it gives people
> a way of expressing their preference without having to join a pointless
> war. Besides, I'm sure your mailer can filter by subject.

This vote is extremely valuable?  how does a bunch of random people that
have probably never posted before, then saying one word make grub or lilo
better? If anything the choice should be made on educational value, not
whether one or the other is better or whether more people use one.

The fact that my mailer can filter isnt the point.  I shouldnt be getting
these kinds of posts through lfs-dev, the mailing list for linux from
scratch development _discussion_ in the first place.


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