[Not a Vote]: Grub vs LILO

Tushar T tush at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 13 08:16:55 PDT 2002

Andrew Friedley wrote:

>This vote is extremely valuable?  how does a bunch of random people that
>have probably never posted before, then saying one word make grub or lilo
>better? If anything the choice should be made on educational value, not
>whether one or the other is better or whether more people use one.
Inclusion/exclusion of a package in the book is not decided based on the 
educational value alone, it is decided based on stability and feature set.

>The fact that my mailer can filter isnt the point.  I shouldnt be getting
>these kinds of posts through lfs-dev, the mailing list for linux from
>scratch development _discussion_ in the first place.
Minor correction: It should be "linux from scratch book development", 
and which package to include in the book is a LFS book dev issue.

Tushar Teredesai
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