Sigh... [Re: Vote: Grub vs LILO]

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at
Sun Oct 13 12:53:49 PDT 2002


On Sun, Oct 13, 2002 at 12:56:44PM +0200, Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> The Grub vs LILO issue seems to come up more frequently now. I'd like to
> have a small vote to see if we have any clear majority on this issue.
> Just follow up to this message with "LILO" or "GRUB" (in whatever
> capitalization you prefer). If you want to present arguments for your
> decision, DON'T do it in this thread. I don't think there are any
> arguments that have not been archived already and even if there are, they
> should be presented in a discussion (read: flame war;) thread (There's an
> open one named "grub and alpha tar"). This thread is just to get a quick
> impression of the number of supporters for the 2 programs.

[Yay to top posting. *folows Seth's lead*  Grrrr... MSB, I love ya and
all, but could you have not handled this in a different manner?  I know
bitching about it after the fact wont change, but I just woke up, so =D]

I have not bothered to post about this issue in recent history because
i've long considered it resolved.  So excuse me if I rant a little...

Gerard has admitted multiple times (even in bugzilla) that the switch to
grub is going to take place; it's just a matter of time now.  All the
other editors have agreed and don't really have issues.

[and of course, he will reply the second he reads this with a note along
the lines of "It's still open to debate" but that's a different issue.]

Anyways... all I can say is just to clam down and keep your pants on.

*stops hitting the delete key for a second and becomes slightly resonable*

Perhaps this poll/vote was a good idea.  Perhaps it does give *you* an
overall view of where everyone stands.  Either way, I could have told
you the outcome, regardless if it had taken place.

I've either read or participated in all the previous threads on this
issue in recent history (yay to cleaning up a huge backlog of e-mail :P)
and there is only really two things that people have been able to raise
that go again'st GRUB.

The first issue is that GRUB is not as well used-or known as LILO in the
linux community.  This is quite understandable considering it is still
marked as an alpha/beta package, even *if* Redhat and such are using it.

The second issue is that switching to a different bootloader will bring
about a huge [new] amount of support requests dealing with GRUB.  I'm
still unsure if this is true or not.  Right now we still have to deal
with LILO and it's own issues.

A while back, I remenber many regulars saying that dealing with users
switching to GRUB would honestly not be that much of a big deal.  If
they honestly don't want to use something new, they could always just
use the lilo instructions (which would then be moved into the blfs-book)
and in the process learn a little bit more on how the system is put
together and what does what.  Win-Win.


Nothing i've said above is new.  And I doubt anyone else will say
anything which is ground-breaking enough to change peoples views on this
issue.  So, as Gerard likes to say "It's still open to debate".

However!  Please, Please, a little bit more considerate
about what y'all subject this list too.  Yes it does happen to have
something todo with the lfs-book development.

But did it honestly have to take place here?  Where things are not going
to be neglected because of this/these threads?  I would have been alot
happier if this vote/poll had happened on lfs-chat, where at least the
spammage of replies would not have gotten in the way of other dev

At the same time, we could have queried the support lists for users not
presently subscribed here on this list to participate.  Perhaps get some
new views into the subject, instead of rehasing the same old debate with
more or less the same old people.  [sure, sure, lots of new ppl are now
chimming in their views;  But as Andrew tried to point out, just because
alot of ppl vote for GRUB does not mean we should be using it, the same
applies at how Redhat is now using GRUB]

Mehhhhhh.  Consider that a rant to ignore or even a flame if you want.

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee  ( highos at linuxfromscratch dot org )
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