Sigh... [Re: Vote: Grub vs LILO]

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Sun Oct 13 14:03:00 PDT 2002

On Sun, 13 Oct 2002 12:53:49 -0700 Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee
<highos at> wrote:

> [Yay to top posting. *folows Seth's lead*  Grrrr... MSB, I love ya and
> all, but could you have not handled this in a different manner? 

We had a poll on Ada, so I thought this was appropriate. I had completely
underestimated community interest in this issue.

> Gerard has admitted multiple times (even in bugzilla) that the switch to
> grub is going to take place; it's just a matter of time now. 
> All the
> other editors have agreed and don't really have issues.
> [and of course, he will reply the second he reads this with a note along
> the lines of "It's still open to debate" but that's a different issue.]

I was also under the impression that this was not set in stone. And the
question of waiting for a Grub release called "stable" or not is
definitely open.

> Perhaps this poll/vote was a good idea.  Perhaps it does give *you* an
> overall view of where everyone stands.  Either way, I could have told
> you the outcome, regardless if it had taken place.

Really? Personally I had expected both to come out even.

> However!  Please, Please, a little bit more considerate
> about what y'all subject this list too. 

As I've said. We had a vote on Ada and no one complained.

> But did it honestly have to take place here? 

Yes, it's 100% on topic here.

> happier if this vote/poll had happened on lfs-chat,

Then only hardcore advocates would have voted.

> At the same time, we could have queried the support lists for users not
> presently subscribed here on this list to participate.

But these people have not followed the GRUB vs LILO issue and most of them
won't be interested, at least not those who are not on lfs-dev, too.

>  Perhaps get some
> new views into the subject, instead of rehasing the same old debate with
> more or less the same old people. 

This thread is not rehashing anything.

> [sure, sure, lots of new ppl are now
> chimming in their views;  But as Andrew tried to point out, just because
> alot of ppl vote for GRUB does not mean we should be using it, the same
> applies at how Redhat is now using GRUB]

That is true, but seeing how many people care about this issue and how
many of them support Grub does make a difference. As I've said, before
this poll I was under the impression that the GRUB and LILO camps were
evenly matched and that as a consequence of this,  it would be reasonable
to postpone the switch to Grub. I have changed my mind on this. Seeing the
huge community support for Grub, I now believe that making an exception to
the "no packages not officially declared stable" for Grub is a good idea. 

The real art of conversation
is not only to say the right thing at the right time,
but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

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