Ownership of kernel headers

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Oct 13 16:13:43 PDT 2002


On Sun, Oct 13, 2002 at 02:15:48PM -0400, Zack Winkles wrote:
> When we unpack the kernel at the beginning of chapter 5 we neglect to 
> change their ownership to root. In their current condition if a user 
> just happened to get assigned the same UID as the kernel, then they 
> would have free reign to modify the sources to their heart's content. 
> Do we really want a user modifying our kernel sources without the 
> permission of the administator? I think not...

Argh, dang it.  This was also an issue before we were using the lfs user
in chapter 5 (pre-3.2) and we use to run chown.  It seems that after the
kernel was moved to chapter 6, nobody bothered to check if those old
instructions were still needed.  (thou that's understandable considering
they had been removed as redundant because of the lfs user)

I'll open a bug in a second, thx.

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee  ( highos at linuxfromscratch dot org )
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