glibc 2.3.1 and -fomit-frame-pointer

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Sun Oct 13 18:13:06 PDT 2002

On Sun, 13 Oct 2002 12:58:56 -0400
Zack Winkles <sativa93 at> wrote:

> > Am I the only one here who has NEVER managed to do this?
> /me bows :P
> You do realize you're implying that people who support grub do so
> because they forget to rerun lilo, don't you?

Absolutely. I meant it too - as a slightlyu tart reply to the person
suggesting LILO loses kernels because you sneeze.

> If i understand, what you intend to say is that rerunning lilo is
> trivial. 

> Let's say the disadvantages of lilo are trivial.


> Grub has the corresponding (we're saying trivial) advantages.

Um when did thing A having a disadvantage imply thing B had a
corresponding advantage? GRUB may have the same disadvantage. 

> So lilo looses there.

Flawed argument.

> And grub has other advantages like being able to look for
> kernel images or other files and view text files.

Why would you WANT to look for a kernel image or text file? if your
rescue kernel dont boot, you're fscked in any case, so having a handy
file viewer in the bootloader wont save you.

> You say these are useful only to those who mess up their systems.

No, Im saying such features are USELESS to people who mess up their

and anyone who does something stupid like

compile reiserfs as modules and insert
convert / filesystem to reiserfs 

Deserves everything they get (and grub wont help them either).

> And grub has fewer dependencies. Another win for grub.

A temporary one. LILO will lose its old dependancies. I think lilo
should be forgiven an odd old dependency, since people seem happy to
overlook GRUBs non-release status.

> Since i support grub, i am perhaps not lilo's best advocate. So i
> finish with this: Make the case for lilo. What does lilo have that
> grub doesn't?

Overwhelming simplicity. More testing. Boots on more machines than GRUB.
Doesnt have 1/2 an OS in it.
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