ncurses and gcc 3.3

hackbard hackbard at
Mon Oct 14 16:09:03 PDT 2002


> It seems GCC 3.3 has dropped even more compatibility with broken C++ code.
> ncurses failed to compile for me because the <strstream.h> header is
> missing (the standard conforming name is <sstream>). The attached patch is
> a small extension to the current LFS patch. I assume it will work with gcc
> 3.1 and 3.2, too. If someone can confirm that I think this new patch

i can confirm this. i already pointed to that at .

i also recognized that 'multi string literals feature' problem with tar your
pointing to in another thread. this will happen for a lot of packages (not
covered by lfs book) too, and is pretty annoying. are there other
possibilities then always patching the sources fprintf (or whatever) lines?

thanks for help, frank

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