Vote: Grub vs LILO

Edward Pinski pinskie at
Mon Oct 14 18:34:58 PDT 2002

Hrm, this vote, what exactly is the use of it?  I mean if we needed to decide  
a bootloader, which is already set in Gerard's mind, and even so, if you know   
which bootloader you want, you're just going to use that one.  When I install   
LFS on a sparc, do I use lilo, or do I even install bin86?  No, i don't even    
think about touching them, and just skip them, and replace the lilo step w/     
silo.  When LFSing a ppc, do I install lilo and bin86? yet again, no i dont,    
I just install yaboot.  To put it in the least, do any of us on lfs-dev care    
all that much about what the bootloader is?  It's about personal preference,    
and if Somebody wants lilo, then they'll install lilo, if another person        
wants grub, they'll install grub.  We shouldn't be trying to please the many,   
we should just be trying to please one group.  The way to failure, is to try    
to please everybody, though an easy way would just be to dedicated a chapter    
of LFS to installing lilo/nasm/bin86 or grub or silo or yaboot, etc.  That      
way we wouldn't have to have this vote.  If you want to know where I stand      
on this vote, I dont.  I'll vote for neither or both, and not care which one    
goes into the book, and just continuing LFSin the way i've been for the past    
year.  And to all you one sided people, walk a mile in the other person's       
shoes.  See how they feel about liking a different bootloader, and then
you'll see which bootloader really should be in the book, both.

Edward Pinski
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