Glibc 2.3.1 and Static Bash

Florian FERNANDEZ Florian.Fernandez2 at
Tue Oct 15 05:17:43 PDT 2002

<Matthias Benkmann <matthias at> wrote:

> It's just to know if the "Segmentation Fault" bug of Bash is actually 
> resolved.
>This is not a bug. This is an incompatibility. IIRC some functions got
>exported by glibc that never should have been exported. The new glibc
>fixes this problem at the cost of compatibility.
> And what are the bash mainteners are doing for that ?
>Nothing. It's a glibc issue. And the glibc maintainers will not "fix"
>this, because they intentionally broke it in the first place.
>There is a patch to restore the old behaviour and I've heard Redhat uses
i>t, but LFS will not use this patch because using clean sources has higher
>priority for LFS than compatibility with binaries.
>Several workarounds for the issue have been devised. See the thread

Ok, sorry for the mistake. But how LFS can do to build a static bash ?

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