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Mark Hymers markh at
Fri Oct 18 12:49:53 PDT 2002

On Fri, 18, Oct, 2002 at 01:42:54PM -0600, Gerard Beekmans spoke thus..
> On October 12, 2002 04:07 pm, Dean Richard Benson wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Is this something that should be included within the book, or is there a
> > reason that it is not in the book?
> I don't even remember Mark putting in there (he's the owner of the file so I 
> assume he put it there unless somebody hacked his account...).
> And, I don't even having a discussion regarding this patch before. Maybe it's 
> slipped my mind? Mark do you remember anything?

I do remember putting the file there when we agreed to create the
lfs-patches directory.  Unfortunately all that I know about hte patch is
contained within the .desc file which accompanies it:

PACKAGE:  findutils-4.1
PATCH:    findutils-4.1-segfault.patch

PURPOSE:  Fixes a segfault in findutils' locate when encountering
a very long path name

I don't know where this originated from; it was in LFS Bugzilla Bug #18
as an attachment.  Note that this patch has to be applied *on top of*
the findutils patch in the LFS book.  (The patch in bugzilla had the
segfault fix and the LFS changes in but I've removed the LFS changes as
people will already have the findutils-4.1.patch file to fix that and
therefore trying to apply both would give a load of rejections)

It is quite a serious bug if it hits but whether we should roll it into
the LFS findutils patch I don't know.    Having just checked bug #18,
you originally checked the patch into Bugzilla :-)  [You don't say where
it's from though]

BTW, I think that for all patches, when we upload them we should add a
.desc file to describe what they are.


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