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Anderson Lizardo Gomes lizardo at horizon.com.br
Fri Oct 18 13:51:21 PDT 2002


I'm "synthetizing" my questions that appeared before I read the threads
"patch description missing for gcc" and "gcc 3.2 patches". I think that
the learning side of the LFS Book is very important. In my case, I
learned lot of new things just by reading the book. But one thing that I
never understand (yet) is why we should apply that patches. I know that
sometimes it's because some packages has broken code, but... how this
broken code is corrected? I don't know almost anything about C/C++, so
just reading the patch don't help very much.

There are some descriptions in the book, but they explain what problems
are resolved, no HOW they are resolved. If I search in mailing list
archives, I will find some explanations, but... Is not a good idea put
at least some introductions in the book, and suggest links about more
details? In this way, the "educational side" of LFS will not be
forgotten :-)

Thanks for the patience.
Anderson Lizardo
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