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Alan Womack arwbackup at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 18 17:00:12 PDT 2002

 >>  I've worked as a tutor for computer science students in a Unix system
 >>  programming course in C. And even among those students I don't think there
 >>  were many who could have fixed even "simple" errors as you describe in
 >>  someone else's code. And I mean *after* getting through the whole course
 >>  successfully. Someone who can fix errors in C code after reading just a
 >>  few patch explanations in the LFS book would have to be a Kwisatz Haderach
 >>  of a coder.

Yes, most C classes "graduate" below C students.  The programs are entirely too simple, too generic and too pointless.  A whole lot more useful would be set up the class on one large program for a project and give them all a piece.  That's the way it will work in the real world anyways.

The other thing amazing after all these years, is the error messages are still so cryptic as to be meaningless to most everybody or worse misleading.  You would think someone would have a clue about giving some information in compilation errors.
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