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Michaël Tousignant evanidus at
Fri Oct 18 20:29:03 PDT 2002

Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote:

> On October 18, 2002 08:13 pm, Michaël Tousignant wrote:
> > And speaking of which... Shouldn't that sed to edit be replaced
> > by a patch like for the rest? (If there was already a discussion on it,
> > ignore this.)
> It depends on what needs to be done. In this case it's a very simple 
> replacement of "BINDIR" with /bin. The work to make a patch out of it, have 
> you download it, isn't worth the trouble.

I see, the way it looked like in the time seds were replaced by patches, it 
felt like everything was going to be replaced (even simple things) I guess 
I misunderstood. :)

> Again, command explanations will be added (eventually)

If explanations are added, I guess it's fine. Although the book purpose 
shouldn't be to teach how to use bash (but how to build LFS) ;) But let's 
not elaborate on this, doesn't worth it.

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